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Stump Removal Services for the Snohomish, WA, Area

Here at Taylor's Snohomish Tree Service we strive to bring you the very best results in trimming and removal of your trees at a competitive cost. Our highly trained professional staff will bring you the results you are looking for safely and efficiently providing a through clean up and minimal impact to surrounding vegetation.
Stump removal services rendered in Snohomish, WA

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a very necessary part of arboriculture, to insure your property is safe, eliminating dead and dying trees and those that have become hazardous and cannot be mitigated. Removals can also improve the aesthetics of your property allowing plants to have more light and room to grow and providing clearance of structures and utility lines. Trees can be removed completely leaving a stump intact or having the stump and roots ground into mulch preventing the possibility of sprouting new growth in the future.

Tree Trimming

While tree trimming can bring a better overall appearance of your property it can be crucial to the health of the tree, clearance of surroundings and safety on your property. Tree trimming and pruning for clearance is one way to mitigate damage to structures overhead hazard and power line concerns.

Stump Grinding

We gladly offer stump grinding services, which provides a great finishing touch to any tree service. Our Vermeer grinders can tackle any job; we own both a large SC752 and small SC252 which allows us to remove both small problem and hazards stumps all the way to land clearing stumps to allow for new saplings. Our quick removal of stumps eliminates the use of poison or fire to remove unwanted stumps. Let us complete your entire project from tree removal to complete stump removal today.
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